Since 1976, as part of a national policy introduced by the French State, there are some ambitious projects with regards the development and management of the national heritage sites that have been classified as the most prestigious and the most visited.

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Created in 2000, the Network of Great Sites of France (RGDF) now has 47 Great Sites members, which welcome nearly 32 million visitors per year. It brings together sites that have received the Grand Site de France label and others engaged in sustainable development initiatives to obtain it. This is the case with the great Site of France under the “Canal du Midi, Béziers - Languedoc Méditerranée” project.

The network also hosts two large local authorities, the Department of Hérault and the Department of Puy-de-Dôme, for which it provides its expertise in their policy with regard to classified sites and heritage areas. Hérault is the department where there are the most Grands Sites de France labeled or planned.

The Grands Sites de France Network is a non-profit association recognised for its general interest, which groups together the local organisations responsible for managing the Grands Sites. It is a very dynamic place for sharing concrete experience and exchanging know-how between sites. It combines sites which have already been awarded the official "Grand Site de France" label, and less advanced sites, which are still in the study or development phase and candidates for the label.

The sites all have in common the fact that they are looking for innovative operations, ensuring a top-quality welcome while respecting the spirit of the place and generating a positive impact on the surrounding social and economic fabric. The Network also participates in national and international reflection on the future of these heritage places, faced with the challenge of their long-term preservation in the context of increasing tourist pressure. The Grands Sites de France Network is a member of the International Council on Monuments and Sites - ICOMOS.

Each year, the Meetings of the Grands Sites de France take place, and it is an opportunity to discuss in detail, over two days, an important issue related to the management and future of the Grands Sites. These meetings bring together all of the Network's member sites, and their partners. They have the support from the Ministry of the Environment, as well as other RGSF partners. The Meetings give rise to the publication of Acts to disseminate the conclusions drawn from the Meetings.