The classification as World Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 1996 gave a new soul to one of the oldest canals still in operation, now entirely dedicated to tourism.

Built by the Béziers Pierre-Paul Riquet during the reign of Louis XIV, from 1667 to 1681, it stretches over 240 km, has 69 locks, 350 structures that span it, facilitating its navigability. It is extended to the Atlantic by the Lateral Canal à la Garonne for 193 km.

Suffice to say that the Canal du Midi is in itself a remarkable landscape. But it also crosses other landscapes, which tell the story of the south, Occitania and what makes its identity. From the Montagne Noire to the Etang de Thau, from the 9 locks of Fonseranes to the Languedoc vineyard, it transports people and captures their hearts… at an average speed of 8 km / h.




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