Long ago, the sea arrived at the foot of the village of Capestang, whose name comes from the French "Cap de l'Etang". Thanks to the saltworks, the Capestang lake was an important source of income for the region from the early Middle Ages, which the Archbishops of Narbonne did not fail to exploit.

Today Capestang Lake is largely dry and located on private land (hunting area). It is an interesting place in ecological terms. Listed as a Natura 2000 area, this lake is rich in vegetation and many species of birds come to nest here (egrets, harriers, teals, spoonbill, herons, flamingos, etc.).

Please note: The site is private and has areas reserved for hunting, access is highly regulated.

Guided tours are however organized once or twice a year. Ask at the tourist office. There are viewpoints where you can appreciate all the beauty of the site from the villages of Poilhes and Montels in particular.

Etang Capestang landscape - Canal du Midi - Sandra Bérénice Michel