If youé at the Port of Capestang, the Phave Saïsse, otherwise called "stone bridge" by the people hereis the work architects Claude Colin and Pierre Launay. It dates of 1688-1689. 


With l'améthe canal goes from that of bridges to cross it, their construction has été supported by ÉLang statesuedoc. The canal bridges have émovedé in their form and mode of construction, Capestang offers several examples of these constructions. 

In the XVIIème sièkey there are stone or brick semicircular bridges, the bridge ofSaïsses en is an example. It has the particularityé d'have one of the lowest arches of the Canal bridges. In 1754 he threatened to s'edcrumble it is then rébyé at the expense of the municipality. In 1789there is institutionsèrecently rebuiltwith a new asséebâtie in rubble stone and an interior facingélaughing stone from Nissan, some éléold items are keptés and rébyés.