Montady Tower

This east tower is the last vestige of an ancient castle. From the top of its 20 meters it overlooks the perfect geometry of thedry pond of Montady and the old Languedoc village. Its thick walls stand on three floors: the first placed on beams, the second vaulted in a dome with a central passage for a ladder (it has a series of exterior holes which prove the existence of a gallery or wooden slabs) and the third similar to the second and supporting a platform. According to oral testimonies collected by Father Giniès, the entrance was through the lower room, north door. It was then necessary to borrow ladders to access the upper levels.

It is possible to go to the foot of the tower to enjoy the breathtaking view that awaits you. One restaurant whose terrace enjoys this panorama will warmly open its doors to you.

Besides this tower, it seems that another tower "old tower" was located ahead to the east. Unfortunately, no trace of it remains today ...