Colombiers is a village nestled in a meander of the Canal du Midi. Its harbour adds to the charm of this village, with a real holiday vibe.

The Via Domitia (118 BC) passed through the very heart of the city. Updated during the construction of the harbour in 1987, it remains an important heritage site, although it's barely visible today. We know of its presence thanks, in particular, to a milestone (currently found in front of the town hall) which was used to mark the Roman way for every Roman mile, i.e. approximately every 1,480 metres.

Between the Mediterranean and the foothills of the Cévennes, along the Via Domitia and just before the ascent of Malpas, Colombiers has been established throughout the centuries. It was occupied by the Romans, as well as the Visigoths as proven by Saint-Sylvestre church, built on a fifth century chapel.

But the most characteristic monument of the village is certainly Colombiers Castle where we always have the pleasure of being able to visit the cellar: a real jewel of the XNUMXth century!