By crossing the village of Poilhes, along the Canal du Midi you will be taken aback by the undeniable charm of the landscapes, made all the more charming by the loop formed by the waterway.


Poilhes is a épeaceful and charming village,ù where éarchaeologists have éuncovered many ancient remains. Indeed, we are approaching the hill of'Ensérune and the célèfamous OppidumBelow the Oppidum, Poilhes boasts a rich archaeological heritage, in Private le Domaine de Registont listed a historic monument. It is one of the rare open-air settlements dating from the beginning of the Upper Paleolithic era, around 30 years ago. This Aurignacian hunter-collector's camp is also one of the only sites of this period to have provided explicit evidence of habitat development. All près head towards the hamlet of Viala, the Romans conqueringérant south of Gaul, followedèrent the famous Via Domitia. All of this élémeans that Poilhes is over two thousand years oldé.  

A little further down the banks of the Canal du Midi ôwe can see two old English cannonsrecoveredêchéin theé1970s off'Agde. We are still unaware of where they came from à to this day but theirérather unusual presence catchesthe eyeand adds an elegant touch èto the'élévillage.

Poilhes is the peaceful setting of the Canal du Midi, which flows calmly through the village. From here, you also have a unique and superb view ofCapestang lake.