In the small tourist town of Capestang as in the charming nearby village of Poilhes, the Canal du Midi leaves its mark on the landscapes, villages and people. By bike, on foot or by boat, you can browse the quays of these two small ports as well as the towpath that will lead you to discover many works of art. By boat, you can of course dock to discover them!


Around the Port of Capestang, several structures are visible: siphon spillway, aqueduct, weirs, bridges, watering troughs… They will lead you in front of lformer maison valance which now houses thethe Tourist Office and the Harbor master's office.  

La harbor master's office you inform you about the many port services available: water and electricity supplies, internet access, sanitary block with showers, washing machine, clothes dryer ... You can also access the boat rental without license for an hour, a half day or a full day from Capestang harbour. 

Under the stone bridge in Capestang


In Capestang harbour, the Saïsse Bridge, otherwise known as the "pont de pierre" (stone bridge) by the locals, will be worthy of your full attention! It is the work of architects Claude Colin and Pierre Launay and its construction dates from 1688-1689. With the construction of the canal goes that of bridges to cross it, and the construction of these bridges was taken care of by the States of Languedoc. The bridges over the canal have evolved, both in shape and in means of construction, Capestang offers several examples of these constructions (see the iron bridge downstream from the Harbour). In the seventeenth century it was common to see semicircular stone or brick bridges, the Saïsses bridge is an example. It is particularly distinctive as it has one of the lowest arches of the Canal bridges. In 1754, it almost collapsed, it was then repaired at the expense of the municipality. In 1789, it was completely rebuilt with a new abutment built of rubble stone and an interior cladding in Nissan dressed stone, some of the former elements were preserved and repaired.


As you continue towards Béziers, do not miss the charming little village of Hairy which will offer you an atmosphere of rest and serenity. You can contemplate magnificent views of theCapestang lake and the Languedoc plain, all the way to the Clape massif.

You will also be able to discover there its superb stone bridge, the wash house, the effanchoir… as well as other remarkable heritage objects such as English cannons or a bottom of Roman dolium.


In Poilhes as in Capestang, the  restaurants and cafes alongside the Canal will welcome you for a peaceful break.

Contact our Tourist Office to obtain the prices of the services of the harbor master's office by telephone on 00 33 4 67 37 85 29 or by e-mail:  


May to September:
8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. and 14 p.m. - 19 p.m.

April and October:
9 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. and 14 p.m. - 18:30 p.m.

November to March:
Monday 9 a.m. - 12 p.m. and Friday 14 p.m. - 17 p.m.

As well as a permanent service at

Port of Poilhes